Monday Musings

~ something possessed me to join Twitter. I’m not even sure I “get” it, but anyway, come talk to me @TallShortTiny

~ yesterday we had an early Christmas with my parents, as they’re off to Melbourne on Wednesday. We unwrapped family presents, and unsurprisingly, Tiny spent more time playing with Pickle’s new toys than his own. However, this morning he’s all about his new trains, and a fab bug stacking game.

~ probably like most parents, after Friday’s tragic events in Newtown, Connecticut, I’ve spent the weekend giving my boys extra cuddles and trying to overlook the little niggly things. My heart aches for those who have lost their little treaures.

~ whoever writes or collates the jokes to go in Christmas crackers should be fired. “Why did the bull wear bells?” “Because her horn didn’t work.” Yes, *her* horn. Not funny, and anatomically, not right.

~ I was attacked by our fridge and now I’m sporting a rather fetching blue bruise on my temple. In fairness to the fridge, I did fail to remove my head sufficiently before closing the door, but OW! it hurt.

~ Fernando Elf spent all of yesterday hanging upside down from the light in our lounge. I almost forgot he was there until Tall reminded me that he shouldn’t still be there the next morning.


~ Tall scoffed at me when I told him I’d suggested my parents buy me a dustbuster for Christmas, but we’ll see whose laughing when he gets home from work and no longer has to run the daily gauntlet of rice bubbles. Ho ho ho, husband.


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