Things I’m Loving

~ these cute little christmas noodle boxes from The Warehouse – just perfect for those little tricky-to-wrap gifts!


 ~ little boys who like broad beans fresh from the garden


~ being able to cut butter for baking, and getting the measurement exact just by sight


~ making little gift cards, inspired by this pin


~ brotherly love and cuddles


~ my beautiful boys (and yes, that t-shirt does say ‘Pickle’)

IMG_1345 IMG_1350

~ Christmas baking


~ more Elvish antics from Fernando


Loving this time of year!!

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10 thoughts on “Things I’m Loving

  1. I’d pinned those lovely cards too with the buttons – but ended up making my big bauble ones instead! I’m going to be getting lots of cool ideas looking back on your wee Elf’s exploits…thanks! Your Christmas baking looks SO professional and that T-shirt is just delish on that wee Pickle xx

  2. I have missed you this week – sounds like you’ve been away and busy though! Yay!

    I will have to look into ‘Elf on the Shelf’ next year for Lydia and Ash! So cute!

  3. Your lovin’ list is awesome! The noodle boxes – I totally would not have thought of using them for wrapping. Great idea! The biscuit Xmas tree – looks so good (and so exhausting all at the same time). Have a great week.

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