Elvish Antics

I’ve always loved Christmas, but since having children, this time of year has become much more magical. I love seeing decorations, trees, gift wrap and Santa through the eyes of Tiny, who is acutely aware of what is going on this year.

I didn’t even know he knew who Santa Claus was, until he pointed him out on a card in The Warehouse. Ever since, we’ve been spotting Santa everywhere, much to the amusement of any adults who happen to see (and hear!) my delighted boy.

Because he is so aware, and to build the excitement, we arranged to adopt an Elf from the North Pole for the month of December.

Let me introduce you to Fernando* Elf:

Fernando Elf

Fernando Elf

I’ve seen hundreds of Elf on the Shelf ideas on Pinterest and all over the internet, but we’ve decided to keep things fairly simple this year. This is mostly because of Tiny’s age; we don’t want to have to explain every scenario to him if he doesn’t get it. I love the idea of a snow fight with another toy, but Tiny wouldn’t know what was happening; likewise with being tied up and captured by little lego men. Combine this with my lack of time to be creating little accessories (and lack of skill!), and with Pickle’s current sleeping habits….right now, simple is good. Elf3

We also didn’t want Fernando to be doing anything “naughty”, because the idea is to encourage our children to make good choices for their behaviour, and Fernando needs to model that good behaviour too.


Every morning Tiny is so excited to go and look for Fernando. He chooses which rooms to check, and whoever goes searching with him acts suitably surprised and amazed at what Fernando is up to. Tiny’s onto us, though – yesterday morning he asked where we’d put Fernando, and I had to blatantly lie re-explain about the nightly journey to the North Pole and back again.


* I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking that Fernando is a strange name for an Elf. We wanted Tiny to choose the name, but he vetoed all the more Elf-ish names we came up with. When my husband jokingly suggested Fernando, and then went on to tell Tiny that the fastest race car driver in the whole world is called Fernando, Tiny turned to me and said, “His name is Fernando”. So our Elf is named after a Formula One racer. Naturally.)

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9 thoughts on “Elvish Antics

  1. What gorgeous fun 🙂 When my husband and I went to the Ice Hotel in Sweden, we took a Ken and Barbie with us as stand-ins for our kiwi friends on the other side of the world. It was such fun taking photos of them doing everything we did!

  2. Oh I just love his name…so cute. Love that you haven’t made him doing anything too ‘naughty’ that was a bit of my worry too about getting one…oh and your lovely notebook arrived today thank you thank you!

    Hope you all have a happy weekend xx

  3. My guys named ours “Bozzle” go figure!!! I have been a little cheeky with ours…my guys are a lot older than yours and I just thought we needed some light hearted entertainment in such a busy frantic time for our household…I love that the “elf” can be used for so many teaching tools….or just some very silly fun.

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