More Shoes…

Another week of not wearing a pair of Chucks, another step closer to wearing very impractical shoes. Shoes that Tiny likes to bring out of my wardrobe and tell me are “very pretty”. The boy has good taste in shoes.

I’ve recycled a couple of times this week, mostly due to ease of shoe-removal and other such practical considerations as the weather, jobs to be done, and time available. Which is where I usually fall back on a pair of my old faithfuls.

ShoesW5We have a wedding to go this weekend, and I can’t decide between these three pairs of rather high heels. My dress is black (boring, I know, but it’s the only dress I can breastfeed in), so I’m leaning more towards the pink (especially since they’re new)…unless you can convince me otherwise??




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5 thoughts on “More Shoes…

  1. Love the green ones, But I agree that the pink are probably the best with a black dress for a wedding! πŸ˜‰ They are gorgeous. πŸ˜‰

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