Random Me

It’s Sunday lunchtime, and I’m stuck on the couch with a feeding-in-his-sleep Pickle. Tall has taken Tiny to the playground, so there’s no one to fetch my book or pass me the TV remote. I’m helluva thirsty, but – you guessed it – my water bottle is too far away to reach. Usually, I’m quite adept at moving about while nursing (much to the surprise of the courier who knocked on the front door last week!), but Pickle’s had very little sleep today and I’m loathe to disturb him now.

So here I am, wondering what I can do now that I’ve checked my emails, read some blogs, and looked on Facebook a thousand times. I don’t have anything specific to write about, yet I want to write.

Hence I shall provide you with some random things you may not know about me:

1) I’ve tandem parachuted, but the thought of bungy jumping scares the living daylights out of me. Somehow, falling from a plane makes me less uncomfortable than being attached to and jumping off a bridge.

2) Both of my parents are retired primary school teachers. I used to entertain the idea of becoming a teacher, but they persuaded me otherwise.

3) On our wedding day, I walked down the aisle to ‘The Lark Ascending’, one of the most beautiful pieces of music I’ve ever heard.

4) I hate hate HATE sultanas (I am oft-quoted as having said, “Sultanas…they’re like grapes that just couldn’t…”), and fruit cake. I will tolerate sultanas in hot cross buns, but only if there’s as much butter as bun, so the taste is disguised.

5) I can’t really swim, and I can’t really ride a bike.

6) I twisted my right knee when I was 12, and now the knee cap faces inwards slightly. It causes yoga teachers no end of frustration when they try to adjust me to lead with my knee, and I tell them I am.

7) When we moved back from England, we shipped back as many books as anything else. I cannot part with a book – that would be like parting with one of my children.

8) Tall and I shimmied to ‘Love Your Ways’ by Salmonella Dub as our first wedding dance. One of my aunts commented that it was “a terrible song the DJ chose” for us, and I smiled sweetly as I said, “Oh, no, we chose that song!”

9) I’ve only ever spent two nights in hospital: when my boys were born.

10) Caffeine gives me a headache, but I drink coffee anyway.

11) I know how to frame pictures, make sterling silver jewellery, stained glass windows and pottery thanks to a job I had at the University of Otago.

12) I once ate an entire pack of Mallowpuffs in one sitting, while studying for my degree.

13) The first time I went on a plane, I was 22 years old, and bound for Sydney with my then-boyfriend. Tiny was flying before he was even born, and has been overseas twice already.

14) I’m almost legally blind in both eyes.

15) My ear lobes are unusually small; I tried to get a second piercing when I was 16 (without my parents’ knowledge), and had to take them out because the hole was too close to the cartilage.

16) I used to work for Immigration New Zealand in London, approving and declining residence visas. Mostly approving.

17) I have a Diploma in Social Work, but I have never wanted to be a Social Worker.

18) I believe in fate.

19) When I was 6, my right ring finger was shut in the hinges of my sister’s bedroom door, almost severing the top and splintering the bone. I remember weakly asking my sister to open the door, and her protesting that she hadn’t finished hiding the toy we were playing hide-and-seek with. I remember the look on my mum’s face when she saw my mutilated hand and the blood. I remember asking for blue stitches, offering everyone a lick of the lollipop I got for being brave, and the bag of apples dad had thrown into the car incase we were at the hospital for a long time. And I remember being sad when the stitches were removed, because they were green, not blue. The scar goes across the middle of my nail and 3/4 of the way down to the first knuckle; the finger is slightly lopsided and more sensitive than the others, but I hardly notice it now.

(You can read more random things about me here and here)


5 thoughts on “Random Me

  1. We tossed up between having love your ways and The verve’s Lucky man during our wedding ceremony! Lucky Man won and we danced to Love your ways at our reception too! haha
    My husbands Nana also commented on our awful music and was disappointed we never played the wedding march. We love all the songs we had and they are all extra special now.
    OH AND SNAP on the small earlobes! actually my husband always jokes about them and says I have none! bizarre, rather smallies than large ones though!

  2. The finger in the door incident sounds like it was lucky to be stitches and not an additional hospital admission!
    Aaron refused to have fruit cake in our wedding cake, so my mum made one for afternoon tea – just because there HAS to be fruit cake at a wedding. Or something.

  3. Wow the things that run through your mind while “stuck “breastfeeding…..it was fun to read though. I loved a sleeping /feeding baby especially my first when there was nothing or no-one to need anything. xx

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