Wardrobe Wednesday: Shoes Week Four

I have a confession to make.

On Saturday afternoon, I wore a pair of my Chucks.

The purple ones *hangs head in shame*.

I kinda had to, though. It was a cool day, so I needed to wear closed shoes. I could have worn some ballet flats or pumps, but I needed to wear socks, too. I could have worn boots, I suppose, but I was taking the boys down to watch their daddy play cricket, so I needed something comfortable and practical for chasing a small boy across a field. And without really thinking, I put on the Chucks and stepped out the door.

And oh! how comfortable and welcoming they were. I now remember why I choose to wear them so often; they love my feet and my feet love them.

I made it 24 days, though. Not bad going, considering I usually wear them every day. Now, though, my shoe endeavour will spill over into December some more, as I am determined to get through them all.

This week in shoes, then, goes a little like this:

I really can’t avoid my peep-toe stilettos and sandals any longer…

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5 thoughts on “Wardrobe Wednesday: Shoes Week Four

  1. LOL I love a good pair of chucks, especially purple ones. They are a perfectly reasonable pair of shoes to mix in with lots of other cute shoes, which you did. You still can’t wear them every SINGLE day, but I think that, for the situation you describe, they were perfect.

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