An Unfortunate Lesson in Food Safety

Today, I was going to share with you a child-friendly recipe featuring lamb mince, flavoured beans, and puff pastry. Simple, easy, nutritious – this recipe had it all.

And then some.

That was to be our dinner last night.

Knowing that we had a busy day ahead, I decided to be smart and prepare the mince mixture ahead of time. I browned mince and onions; I added grated carrot and a can of flavoured beans.

I left the mixture to cool while I got the boys ready to leave the house, and just before we left, I covered the pan with a wooden board, in lieu of a lid, to keep any flies off it.

Five hours later, I lifted that bread board so I could take out a portion to make a little pie for Tiny. As the board was lifted, a dirty great blow fly buzzed out of the pan.

I won’t repeat what was uttered at that moment. I also won’t repeat what was uttered when a cursory glance into the pan revealed lots of little white eggs nestled gently into the congealed mince.

Turns out the bread board I used didn’t quite cover the pan.

That dirty fly managed to squeeze his way in and had a lovely old time in our dinner.


Last night, Tiny begrudgingly ate an impromptu dinner of rice and tuna. Tall and I had steak sarnies with homemade caramelised onions. Not a bad outcome, in the scheme of things, but throwing all that food into the bin was not a good feeling.

As those of us in the Southern Hemisphere head into summer, please take my misfortune as a reminder about food safety and all the nasties that summer can bring!

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6 thoughts on “An Unfortunate Lesson in Food Safety

  1. Ewww! That’s not pleasant! It’s so hot here that things start growing on anything left out of the fridge for longer than it takes to cook it. We discovered a potato had disintegrated into liquid form after a week in the cupboard recently. Now we have to keep them in the fridge as well!
    Your substitute dinner sounds DELICIOUS though!

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