The Chair: 5 Months Old

5 months old already


At five months, Pickle:

~ smiles freely at everyone, but still reserves the most exuberantly joyful ones for us.

~ has started to roll to the right, from his tummy to his back.

~ is teething and has very swollen upper gums 😦

~ has not slept in his bassinet, during the day, for the last two weeks. I am still the best mattress, but the stroller and the carseat will also suffice. If he has to. And not for long.

~ is so clingy that even laying him down for a nappy change sets off the tears. How dare I let him out of my arms! So far, Tiny is dealing with my permanent accessory very well, but I’m feeling the effects of having no one-on-one time with my biggest. I’m also developing a rather Nadal-esque right bicep.

~ was weighed by Plunket and has slipped from the 50th percentile to the 25th. I’m not concerned, but I am confused – he feeds so often, and is deliciously chubby in all the right places.

~ loves to chomp on his hands, bat at things hanging from his play gym, and be pulled to a sitting position.

“I can smile at the same time as chomp, you know.”

The old knee-lock position. Bend him if you dare.

The Chair: 4 Months Old


6 thoughts on “The Chair: 5 Months Old

  1. Ah yes – the teeth and the tears! Thankfully I haven’t had an permanent accessory to that degree most days, but… oh how I dislike teething! BUT – we have our first one through, yay! Have any of Henry’s come through yet?

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