Wardrobe Wednesday: Shoes Week Three

Bit of a boring shoe week since last Wednesday; I’ve worn my running shoes on three days, and slippers on one. Boring, but I’m happy because it means that I’ve been for three extra walks…and spent a quiet weekend-day at home, just chilling with my boys. “Chilling” being the operative word – it was cold the day I didn’t leave the house!

I had so many comments the day I wore my long black boots, and they made me feel slightly glamourous, despite being dribble-coated. I love the sound the heel makes on the pavement! The teal-y peep-toes always, always get attention, simply because they are quite fun. Just don’t look too closely…they had a few pub outings in London, and the satin may have the odd beer or pinot grigio stain on it!

Today’s a jandal day. I love jandal days!

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