Wardrobe Wednesday: Shoes Week Two

This not wearing my Chucks thing is actually easier than I thought. However, now that I’ve gone through almost all my ballet flats and boots, we’re getting into heels territory.

I love heels, but hardly ever wear them; pushing a stroller and being covered in dribble and baby vom doesn’t really marry up too well with a nice pair of stilettos. But this month, it will. Oh yes, I’ll be that woman tottering around the supermarket in a pair of heels with a splatter of drool on them.

Today, however, I’ve been wearing slippers. Aaaaallllll day.

Playdate with friends

Lunch out with the MIL

A visit to the Farmers’ Market

Grocery shopping

A spot of shopping

Out and about with my 3 boys

Playdate at home

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5 thoughts on “Wardrobe Wednesday: Shoes Week Two

  1. Great idea! I struggle to get out of my flats too, but have some fab-u-lous heels that need more time on my feet! I look forward to seeing what you wear next week.

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