Things I’m Loving

~ spending a morning making cheese rolls destined for the freezer of a new-mummy friend, and the excitement on her husband’s face upon receiving them!

~ friends who have checked up on us while Tall is away xx

~ sticky tar, jandal days.

~ drinking coffee with Audrey.

~ the arrival of the cavalry, in the form of my tiny mother-in-law; while I feel like I’m coping very well on my own, having her here will be lovely, as will some adult conversation that doesn’t revolve around race cars, fire engines or aeroplanes (other than the one she arrived on).

~ re-discovering two of my favourite Edward Monkton cards during last weekend’s spring clean; I think it’s safe to say I live by these interesting thoughts 🙂

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9 thoughts on “Things I’m Loving

  1. I love sticky tar jandal days too – and the smell of it as well.,.also the smell of tarseal right after summer rain…it’s lush! Well done you on making it this far and yay for having some adult company.

    Have a great weekend and hope the time till Tall gets back passes in a flash xx

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