Wardrobe Wednesday: Shoes

On most days, you will find me wearing a pair of these:

They’re comfortable, colourful and cool, and if you look closely…the grey pair are coated in the unmistakable grime that can come only from travelling on the London Underground.

It seems strange, even to me, that I wear the same shoes all the time; I adore shoes, and have a number of pairs in my closet that I love, but never seem to see the light of day.

Which is why I have decided to spend November wearing every pair of shoes I own. I’m challenging myself to step out of my Converse and into my ballet flats, sandals, boots and heels, to turn off the autopilot, and dust off  those poor neglected shoes.

Hmm, can you tell what the weather was like each day from my footwear choices?!

(I’ve been playing with Photoscape today…I don’t think I like the results, but it’s late and the blurry font could be my eyes…)

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12 thoughts on “Wardrobe Wednesday: Shoes

  1. What a challenge!! Do you really have 30 pairs of shoes??? or are you reusing?

    If you dont like photoscape you could try picmonkey.com – the biggest downside to it is that you can’t go back and edit pictures (it doesn’t save them online, just to your computer) so if you discover a typo later you have to totally redo the piccy. But otherwise its pretty good (and not blurry 😉 )x

    • Um…I have more than 30 pairs of shoes…I like shoes.

      Thanks for the tip on picmonkey; I normally like photoscape but once you’ve saved the text on a photo, you can’t go back and edit it either, which is why there are black boxes – to hide the wrong dates! xx

  2. I do love me a pair of Chucks. I too wear them everywhere. Even to work (in an office) and see how long I get away with them. I have about 10 pairs of shoes under my desk for work but still want to wear my comfy go-to Chucks.

  3. Haha – I am NOT a shoe girl… in my purge I rid myself of all excess shoes and now own a ototal of about 8 pairs all up inc slippers (if that, haven’t actually counted them)! But in saying this – I do need a couple of new pairs for summer – my trust leather jandels died earlier this year :-(!

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