Reading and Reviewing

I’m currently one-third of the way through ‘Sons and Lovers’, D.H Lawrence’s semi-autobiographical novel.

I think I’m enjoying it. There have been a few chapters (and boy, are they long ones!) which have literally sent me to sleep, but for the main part, it’s been an interesting read. I’m curious to see where the relationship between the mother and the main character, Paul, is going, and to see how every other strange relationship plays out.

Prior to reading ‘Sons and Lovers’, I read George Eliot’s ‘Silas Marner’. It is a fairly short novel, at just 157 pages, but is supposedly one of Eliot’s “most admired and loved works.”

Well, I didn’t think it was all that special. It meandered so slowly in the beginning, and got increasingly predictable, until I felt I could almost have written the ending myself.

It’s essentially a tale of love, sin and repentance, of loyalty and prejudice. The main character, Silas Marner, is endearing, and the briefly-mentioned cad, Dunstan Cass, is highly entertaining, but the remaining cast are all a bit bland for my liking.

We are also reading, a million times a day, ‘I Love Tractors, Trucks, Diggers and Dumpers’. Tiny loves tractors, trucks, diggers and dumpers. Mummy doesn’t. But when your two-and-half-year-old pleads with you to read it again, what else do you say but, “Of course, buddy”? And when it’s a cause of tantrums at bed time because neither mummy nor daddy wants to read it for the fifth consecutive night…well, we pick our battles, right?

My goal is to have 40 books or less left of The BBC Big Read Top 200 to read by the start of 2013. I think I’m down to 43 already, so that gives me two months to read three or so books. Achievable? I think so. I’m putting off reading the last installment of The Millenium Trilogy to reach this number, which is taking an immense amount of willpower!

Have you been checking out the awesome reviews being submitted over at 1001 Books to Read Before You Die?? They’ve just published their 100th review – congratulations!! And to celebrate, they are running a little competition which I’d love you to help me win 🙂

All you need to do is (a) visit the blog and leave a comment saying that *I* sent you, and (b) subscribe to their blog, so you get notified every time a new review is published. It’s a great source of inspiration if you’re looking for new things to read.

What might I win? A copy of my choice of book on the 1001 List! And if this sounds like something you want to win for yourself, then you need to get your family and friends on board too, so they can do (a) and (b) for you.

All the details can be found here. Check them out on Facebook too.

6 thoughts on “Reading and Reviewing

  1. I absolutely loved ‘Silas Marner’!
    I’m also really looking forward to the day that Pippi wants me to read her a book, rather than give her a book to chew and dribble on 🙂

    • The sad thing is that most books aimed at little boys ARE non-fiction; they all seem to be full of facts instead of fantasy. Our boy is SUCH a boy, but he can be cajoled into something more fun from time to time, thankfully! I feel your pain xx

  2. Oh, I wish I only had 43 books left in the BBC Top 200 read.
    I went off and made up a spreadsheet of it to see how (not) far through I was and almost cried into my weetbix.
    But I have a cunning plan… I did a mass purchase of Roald Dahl when Whitcoulls had them on sale for $4.99 each recently… and I didn’t read these as a child…. so Miss Oh is now going to have a steady diet of Dahl for her bedtime reading from today onwards. 😉

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