Wardrobe Wednesday: A Splash of Colour

If you were to come nosying through my house (do! do!), you would open my wardrobe doors and sigh, for you would be confronted by a sea of darkness.


The majority of my clothes are, sadly, typically NOM*D-Dunedin-black (though sadly, I don’t own anything by NOM*D). I can’t help it. When I go shopping for new clothes, I always come home with black, black and more black.

Is that a hint of colour I see??

However, if you pulled aside the black, the grey and the denim, you’d actually find a few splashes of green, a touch of white, and one little hint of bright fuschia.

Green! White! Pink!

And then if you moved onto my drawers, you’d be surprised to find more colour. If you’d rifled through my clothes last week, you’d never have believed that I owned anything coloured; over the long weekend, I took the opportunity to unearth a whole lot of coloured items, and bring them to the top of the piles, to encourage myself to wear them.

Yep. There’s definitely some colour in there. Hurrah! And some grubby little fingermarks on my drawers :/

Because I love colour, I really do. I am especially fond of green (can you tell??), but love red and orange and yellow and sometimes even pink.

So over the last couple of weeks, I’ve made it my mission to inject some colour into my daily wardrobe. I have plenty of clothes that aren’t black…I just forget to wear them.

Green and coral

Green and blue

Being upstaged! (I don’t know what the camera is playing at, but this hoody is more emerald than grass!)

And with a dribbly, spewy four-month-old, I should be steering clear of black anyway, because a snail-trail of drool is never a good look.

Outfit details:
Top Left: black H&M top, green JayJays tee, Grab Denim leg gloves, grey Glassons cardy, brown Dr Marten boots
Top Right: black H&M top, coral & white Ezibuy jumper, brown Doosh trousers
Middle Left: blue Jellibumps tee, green Glassons cardy, black Doosh pants
Middle Right: black H&M top, blue JayJays tee, Jeans West jeans
Bottom: green 3 Bears hoody, Gap denim mini, brown BHS tights, brown Dr Marten boots
Tiny: blue Three Bags Full merino top, grey Nature Baby tee, Pumpkin Patch jeans

Joining up with the uber-stylish Miriam for


13 thoughts on “Wardrobe Wednesday: A Splash of Colour

  1. Good on you for embracing colour – great tip to bring things up to the top of your piles so that you see them first and get more wear!

    I had two babies with serious projectile (constant) reflux so commiserations on the spewy bubs – I hope it passes quickly!!!

  2. I spy green! I have noticed in your WW posts you have been particularly colourful of late 🙂

    I just did the unearthing on Monday, a truly dreadful day weather wise and it felt. so. good!!

  3. wow can I just say your draws are so organised and so it your wardrobe!! You look great from one kindred colour lover to another. Love the variety of colours – tops have been a bit of an issue for me so it’s nice to see great tops in action

  4. You have inspired me! I have been fearing a draw and closet tidy up and re-sort in my near future and you have confirmed what needs to be done. I think those green and blue tones look magic on you x

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