The Chair: 4 Months Old

Missing: the past four months – can anyone tell me where they’ve gone??!

At four months, Pickle:

~ has discovered his hands, and will shove them in his gob at every opportunity. Sometimes he’ll stick one in so far that he’ll gag. I breed such greedy piggies!

~ has started to get reeeeally dribbly. Tiny was about the same age when he started to dribble too, so I’m preparing for the endless washing of bibs. And for the teething to start :/

~ still doesn’t sleep well during the day unless we’re out and about, or he’s in my arms, but is waking just a-number-more-than zero-but-less-than-two* during the night, which I’m more than happy with.

~ has a cute little bald patch at the back of his head, but no true “mullet”, due to his general baldy-babyness.

~ loves kicking about on the change mat with his nappy off; it’s a guaranteed way of keeping him entertained for a few more minutes when required.

~ is getting super-chatty, and loves nothing more than a good old chin-wag.

~ is very wiggly, but shows no signs – thankfully – of rolling or moving quite yet.

~ gets easily distracted while feeding, leaving me scrambling for an old cloth nappy to…well…you can figure that one out yourself.

* Every parent is superstitious when it comes to saying their baby sleeps well, because that’s guaranteed to jinx it.

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5 thoughts on “The Chair: 4 Months Old

  1. What a sweetie….so nice to record these milestones and where life is at for you and him…because the time goes ever so fast and we easily forget a lot. xx

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