Random Thoughts on Thursday

~ Tiny knows what a zebra looks like. He knows what a giraffe looks like. He can tell you the difference between a zebra and a giraffe. Ask him to name a giraffe? “It’s a zebra.” Bizarrely, his two-year-old cousin does exactly the same thing.

~ After this post of Sophie’s, I was inspired to paint my nails. Now, I hold a glass, a pen, a phone, my children in a much more ladylike fashion. I feel glamourous wearing nail polish, despite being covered in snot/weet-bix/vomit/drool/juice (none of which is my own). That, dear readers, is the Power of Polish.

Make Mine Mango, by Revlon

~ Asos is a dangerous, dangerous place to visit. DANGEROUS. You have been warned.

~ I painstakingly whiled away the hours created a wedding album while waiting for Tiny to arrive. I think I’ve looked at it once :/

Our wedding album…dusty

~ Despite being supremely organised and tidy, there are two drawers in my house which are chaotic messes: the man drawer, and the top drawer of my bedside cabinet. And strangely, I like them that way.

My messy drawer
The Man Drawer

~ I need to go on a date with my man. I need to get dressed up, to wear make up and heels. I need to be told I look pretty, and to tell my husband how handsome he looks. I need to decamp my “Ange” things into a small handbag that couldn’t hold baby wipes even if it tried, and to ride in a car with no car seats in the back. I need to walk hand-in-hand with my love, and order a meal that doesn’t have to be shared with a toddler or eaten around or over a baby. I need to spend an evening away from our house, so that I can come home, tuck our boys in and stare at them for a long, loving time, marvelling at my luck.

~ Crumpets are still rocking my world.


10 thoughts on “Random Thoughts on Thursday

  1. Oh – I desperately need a date night also :-(… now you have me feeling a little sad, as I was supposed to go out for the work do this year with hubby; but his blasted work changed it so much I can’t! BUMMED… but I have convinced my parents to come up that weekend anyway, and they can keep me company that night.

    Have to find another night for the date night then…

  2. I finished my wedding album just over three years after we got married… and about 3 days (at most) before we left NZ. Guess it won’t get looked at for a few years either!

    Hope you get a date night soon! x

  3. Most of those things made me chuckle .. I think we all have a messy drawer or two and a wedding album not often looked at. Have a lovely weekend. x

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