Dairy Free Meal Planning

It’s working! Going totally dairy free has shown a marked reduction in spew, and less discomfort for Pickle when he needs to pass wind. Hurrah!

So this is going to be my way of life until his digestive system is more developed; it’s the push I needed to get back on the dairy free wagon for myself, too.

I’m feeling better for it, that’s for sure. No gurgling, no desire to rip my stomach out with my bare hands, no pain. I miss ice cream and cheese, and tonight’s nachos just won’t be the same without lashings of cheese and sour cream, but it’s a small price to pay.

This week’s dairy free offerings:

~ lamburgers
~ creamy Greek lemon chicken (made creamy with egg yolks, not actual cream) with mash
~ beef nachos
~ smokey aubergine and spring onion curry with poppadoms
~ slow-cooked pork with apple gravy
~ tuna pasta bake
~ chicken teriyaki with beans and mushrooms

I did indulge in dairy while we were in Arrowtown……I couldn’t help it! There were crepes and croissants from Bonjour, a steak sandwich with blue cheese and béarnaise sauce at Millbrook, and the beetroot velvet cake with white chocolate mousse at Carrick. Poor Pickle suffered a bit because of it, which made me realise that dairy really does have a nasty effect on the wee mite.


5 thoughts on “Dairy Free Meal Planning

    • Tee hee, I will! Actually, he knows already – he says that it’s my fault he has to play so much sport, otherwise he’d end up the size of a house! 🙂

  1. Hahaha – Luke is the opposite… well, he has put weight on but he can’t blame me *grin*!

    Love the sound of that Greek Lemon Chicken!

    SO glad the dairy-free thing is now going well for you and Pickle… hopefully it is just a digestive system issue and not an allergy. Asher’s eczema is bad at the moment and I have indulged a little bit more than I should have recently, so I am thinking he has a ‘proper’ allergy to it as well :-(! Never mind, Lydia has pretty much out-grown hers (had yoghurt and ice cream tonight and had no reaction at all, yay!)!!!!!

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