Random Thoughts of a SAHM

~ last week I went to great lengths to create a dairy free moussaka for dinner…and then I greedily stuffed my face with so many Jaffas that I could hardly breathe. Damn you Jaffas, and your delicious evil chocolatey goodness badness.

~ Tall might have to go to Mexico at the end of the month, for a week. I’m not thrilled about the idea (especially as it’s at the same time as my parents go to South-East Asia), but it didn’t take me long to realise how lucky we are that he doesn’t have to go away for long periods, into potentially dangerous situations. Perspective is a beautiful thing, and I need to be reminded of it sometimes.

~ despite the fact that we’ve been back in New Zealand for almost three years, and the fact that we got rid of our UK netbook over a year ago, I still go to find the @ symbol on the keyboard where the is.

~ a kiddies’ toilet seat makes a wonderful hat.

~ babies must be born with a switch that senses when their mother either gets into the shower, or sits down to eat something. Honestly, the number of times this week that Pickle has been fast asleep in his bassinet, so I’ve jumped into a nice hot shower, only to hear him screaming ten seconds later….it’s ridiculous!

~ the morning after a big dinner, I am always starving, but Tall eats very little. I guess our metabolisms are different, but it amazes me that when I’m ravenous, he eats like a sparrow (albeit a fat one, like Fatty McSparrow).

~ Australian reality shows really know how to draaaaaaag out the drama, and I complain about them all the time, yet I am drawn to watching them. I’d still choose a UK cooking show over all others, though. I miss Saturday mornings with James Martin and ‘Saturday Kitchen’.

~ why is it that you’re always more tired after a good night’s sleep, than after a rubbish one??


2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts of a SAHM

  1. You always feel tired after a good sleep because you expect to feel better, yet in reality are still dealing with sleep deprivation… plus it’s a reminder of what you’re missing out on!

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