Dairy Free Meal Planning

This week’s totally dairy free menu:

~ Homemade fish and chips with salad and homemade tartare sauce
~ Pork ribs with salad and mashed potatoes (using stock instead of milk)
~ Meatloaf and salad
~ Vegetable and pasta soup with homemade bread (time dependent; our local supermarket does some good artisan breads, if I’m feeling lazy!)
~ Chicken stir fry with rice
~ Slow cooked lamb shanks with red wine and cannellini beans

(Yes, I’m aware there are only six meals there; we’re going away for the weekend – yey!)

Last week, I fell off the wagon a bit (I blame the bag of Jaffas I found lurking in the pantry cupboard), so this week I’m 100% in.

My menu and shopping list reflect this, and even though I baked chocolate brownie over the weekend, it’s now off-limits for me. I’ve stocked the cupboard with snacks that I can eat, and have triple-checked everything to make sure there’s no sneaky milk solids hiding anywhere.

From my earlier experiences with going dairy free, I know what to look for in a product without really thinking about it, and that milk solids/products can appear in the most random things.

Salt & Vinegar crisps, for example :/

When Pickle had his immunisations last week, our doctor said that I’d know in a week if going dairy free was the answer. I already know that citrus and nuts are off-limits for now (as I look sadly at the grapefruit sitting in the fruit bowl, softly calling my name), so will keep playing detective until Pickle’s tummy is feeling a bit better.

We had success with our craniosacral therapy session last week, too…..call it pseudo-science or hocus-pocus if you will, but the change in my baby after that session was remarkable. The proof? The next morning, he woke happy, and when he *ahem* farted, there was no screaming. And for the past three nights, he has woken just once for a feed, and is waking cheerful instead of grouchy. The frequency of his power spews has also decreased, so regardless of whether there’s a scientific basis to this kind of therapy or not, I’m a believer.


3 thoughts on “Dairy Free Meal Planning

  1. I am SO embarressed to ask this – but sometime ago you emailed me some recipes… I have gone and lost them (read: probably deleted them in one of my anal sorting sessions). I have now got your meatloaf recipe (clicked the link – wahoo) and that is what reminded me. I think the meatloaf was one you sent me, but I can’t remember anything else.

    Could you please send me some more :-(… to: mrs.e.collins@gmail.com

    Thanks heaps (hope it’s not to much trouble)!

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