Wardrobe Wednesday Anguish

I’m too sad to participate in Wardrobe Wednesday today.

Something tragic has happened and I just can’t get excited about clothes. It feels so insensitive to even contemplate going to a little extra effort and taking photos of my outfit.

You see, my first and favourite pair of Gap jeans, the jeans I bought on our first visit to London, the slightly-too-big jeans that have seen me through these awkward first few months of my post-partum body (twice), the jeans with the torn frayed hems that my mother always threatened to fix, these jeans have finally given up the ghost.

It started with little holes in each softly-worn knee, and I wore them proudly, letting them proclaim to the world that I am a mother who gets down on the floor and plays with her children.

The holes widened, and still I wore them (albeit for home days or just-popping-to-the-supermarket days), basking in their comfortable fit and welcoming softness.

Then tragedy struck again. They were lovingly whispering up my thighs as I dressed yesterday morning, and then I heard an unmistakable ripping noise, an earth-shattering scream, and silence.

In horror, I looked down and saw my finger had slipped through a hole where a belt loop used to be. In desperation, I quickly fastened the fly, hoping against hope that I was dreaming, or that all was not lost. Sadly, I was not dreaming, and sadly, all is lost.*

June 2007 – September 2012

Rest in peace, my faithful friend. Rest in peace.

* I can not bear to part with them just yet, so will keep them in my closet to caress every so often wear for dirty work around the house.
Because I do a lot of that.

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7 thoughts on “Wardrobe Wednesday Anguish

  1. Oh I hear you sadness…..I am in near mourning for my favourites too…any day they are going to blow….maybe just one more wear I keep telling myself….I know I will regret it when I am out in public when it happens. shopping for new jeans is such a nightmare. xx

  2. I have a pair like that also… I can’t wear them now (they seriously fall off), but they were faithful for MANY years; and I have faithfully kept them (albeit very quietly) in the back of my wardrobe!

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