Random Thoughts of a SAHM

~ If it’s not specified in a recipe, are there people who wouldn’t peel an onion before finely chopping? And am I the only person who notices whether or not a recipe mentions it?? Probably.

~ A toddler will insist he is NOT a baby…until he spies a play gym.

~ Homemade fries are so much tastier than the frozen variety…I just wish they didn’t take so long.

~ Daffodils are tough plants. Last week, mine got battered by strong winds and lashed by heavy rain, yet this sunny week, they are still waving perkily at me from the back garden. Gotta love them for their resilience.

~ Sunlight doesn’t treat a toddler’s cloth nappies quite as kindly as it does an infants. Sigh.

~ I have a problem with laundry. As in, I have a very specific way of hanging wet stuff on the line or clothes horse, a specific way of bringing it in, a specific way of folding it…. Don’t get me wrong, I will accept any offer of help to hang/bring in/fold, but I will be holding myself back from “correcting” my helper’s technique. Sigh. I think I need help.

~ Tall and I always whinge about how rubbish TV is at dinner time, yet we persist in sitting on the couch watching said rubbish. We have a dining table. It is no longer covered in stuff,  and we sit there when we eat with Tiny. I think it’s time for a dinner time shake up.

~ Being able to give Tiny play time outside makes a huge difference to his behaviour by the end of the day. He’s so busy, and being able to run on the grass and play in his sandpit and put sand through my pegs makes him so happy. Bring on summer!!


One thought on “Random Thoughts of a SAHM

  1. I love these posts! Our boys are exactly the same with baby gyms! Exactly. Must be all those happy hours they spent under them! Also my recipe rant is when they specify unsalted butter then ask for a pinch of salt – hello???

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