Dairy-free Meal Planning

This week, I’m making a concerted effort to go as dairy-free as possible. I’m lactose intolerant, and Tall had a dairy allergy as a child, so it’s most likely that the dairy in my diet is causing Pickle’s wind and vomiting.

Having gone dairy-free before, I know what my own system can and can’t handle. For instance, cheese and ice cream are definitely out, but a little bit of yoghurt or milk in the morning is okay. At the height of my restricted diet, I consumed no dairy whatsoever. It was tough, but I’m a creative cook, so I still managed to eat pretty well. However, now that we’re eating more and more meals with Tiny, I want to be able to sit down and enjoy the same meals as my boys, so I’m not going to be as restrictive as when it was just me.

However, I’ll be steering clear of family favourites like macaroni cheese and lasagne for a while, and Tall will have to eat all of the Whitestone Vintage Windsor Blue by himself. I’ll be back to ordering teas or long blacks at cafés, and I’ll have to satisfy my sweet tooth with something other than baking and chocolate.

But I’ll do it, because if it takes away Pickle’s discomfort, it will all be worth it. He had a very unsettled night on Sunday after I’d eaten ice cream for dessert; his screams of pain and the wee legs kicking about violently broke my heart, and I know it’s unfair to not do something about it if I can.

So on the menu this week, we have:

~ Thai chicken dumplings (last night’s dinner…I loved that the recipe was for pork dumplings but there was no mention of pork in the ingredients!

~ Mexican pork and beans (currently smelling divine in the slow cooker) – the tortillas I’ll serve it with contain dairy, but not much

~ Steak sandwiches – the ciabatta I bought probably contains dairy, but again, it won’t be a huge amount

~ Sausages, spuds and salad

~ Smoked salmon, potato salad and rye bread – might use a little mayo for my potato sala

~ Sticky pan-fried scallops with chilli rice

So far, I’m doing okay, but no baking is going to be tough!


6 thoughts on “Dairy-free Meal Planning

  1. Good for you – hard, but totally worth it!

    FYI – Whittakers Dark Ghana Peppermint Choc is dairy free… my saving grace, be warned; it’s addictive. But be aware, some babies can’t stomach any kind of chocolate until they are 3-4 months; Ash was one of them. He seems to now cope with me eating up to 4 pieces a day when I buy it.

  2. ^^*sigh* Only 4 pieces a day. I have to have a block consumed by sundown when its opened.

    Good on you Ange, and what a delicious week! Chicken, pork, steak, salmon, scallops (not that I eat seafood).

    Nom. Tall will be happy!

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