The Chair: 2 Months Old

Two months!

At two months old, Pickle:

~ has started to smile, and every time, it brings tears to my eyes – that gummy grin is so beautiful!

~ is still very windy, and extra spilly…more than his refluxy brother! I’m not quite sure how that works, really…

~ has started to sleep for long periods at night; usually, I’m only up to feed him twice which is awesome.

~ weighs about 5.5kg and has a deliciously round wee tummy.

~ is outgrowing his size 000 (0-3mths) clothes faster than I would like – some of them are so cute and I want him to fit them forever.

~ has discovered his hands.

~ has been offered a biscuit by his big brother.

~ still likes sleeping in my arms the best, but will sometimes self-settle in his bassinet. He also isn’t a guaranteed car-sleeper, and the other day, Tiny fell asleep in the car and Pickle didn’t!


The Chair: 1 Month Old


7 thoughts on “The Chair: 2 Months Old

  1. He is just delicious!

    Have you tried cutting out green veggies from your diet (I know, I know – not good for us)… it might help with the wind (that is if you’re breast-feeding, I am making assumptions here)! Another thing I found very unhelpful for Ash was anything with the additive 250 to 252 – these are deli foods such as ham, corned beef, luncheon etc. There are a bunch of other things also – can send you a list if you’re interested… although the chances are you know all this anyway!

    Ash is now 4 months and I am just starting to reintroduce things such as brocolli, cauli and onions. So far so good (and much better than the Missy, she was 6 months before I could start eating wind-inducing foods)!

    • If you have a list handy, I’d love it if you could email it to me. I know some of the foods to avoid, but a reminder of them all can’t hurt! I also have a very over-active letdown which doesn’t help!
      I’m glad you’re starting to reintroduce veg now, especially coz it’s winter and salads just aren’t as good!

  2. Hey Ang,

    Here is a quick list – I am bound to think of other things as well, but hopefully this is a good start for you to look into anyway:

    Nuts (peanuts and tree nuts such as almonds and walnut)
    Brussels sprouts
    Hot, spicy foods
    Sesame seeds
    Wheat and soya
    Tomatoes (and anything with tomato in it e.g. tomato sauce)

    The only veggies I can eat in the initial stages is courgettes / carrots and celery!

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