What I’m Reading

‘The Once and Future King’ (T. H. White) is full of beautiful and humourous imagery. My favourite so far has been:

“…all around the castle the snow lay as it ought to lie. It hung heavily on the battlements, like thick icing on a very good cake…

It hung on the boughs of the forest trees in round lumps, even better than apple-blossom, and occasionally slid off the roofs of the village when it saw the chance of falling on some amusing character and giving pleasure to all.”

I loved the first part about the good cake, and then it just got better. If I was reading this on public transport, I would be getting odd looks due to my constant sniggering!

For more amusing or evocative lines from novels, check out Top 10 Opening Lines on 1001 Books to Read Before You Die – there are some beauties!

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