Things I’m Loving

~ Playing Olympics with Tiny. His specialty event? The “running-and-jumping”, in which he always wins the gold medal. Tall’s dad competed in three Olympic Games (in showjumping, not running-and-jumping!), and has been quietly stoked that his little grandson has taken such an interest in the “mens and ladies doing sports”.

He even gets the crowd clapping before he starts…

~ Getting into the slow cooker groove and preparing everything the night before so it’s good to go at the appropriate time.

~ Sleepy, snuggly babies.

I want to cuddle him ALL DAY LONG.

~ Jaffas. They’re so tasty, it’s criminal.

[You’ll just have to imagine a photo here…I ate them all before I got to take a picture.]

~ This post about some shameful media coverage of some awesome NZ sportspeople – I think it’s safe to say that Simone took the words out of a lot of people’s mouths with this one.

~ The imminent arrival of one of my very best friends who has been living in Guernsey for a few years and who I last saw a month before Tiny was born. I CAN NOT WAIT to see her!!

~ Jaffas. What’s that? I already mentioned them? Oh. Well. They’re freakin’ awesome.

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