Random Thoughts of a Mother of Two

~ Last week I bought dried oregano in the groceries. This week…I bought dried oregano in the groceries :/  While putting everything into the pantry, I discovered I already had an unopened bag of dried apricots, lasagne sheets and cinnamon quills. Can anyone say “baby brain”??! I am usually neurotically organised, so feel a bit silly for forgetting.

~ Grapefruit flesh, in the hands of a toddler, is like a tissue that’s been through the wash – it gets shredded everywhere! On the positive side, it was because he was trying to eat every last bit of it.

~ The Custom House makes the best seafood chowder. Their paté is pretty good, too.

~ Tall’s mum is the sort who likes needs to have something to stress about. It just so happens that Pickle’s six-week growth spurt coincided with her visit last week, and she left convinced there’s something wrong. Tiny’s reflux was just setting in when she first met him, too, and each time I tried to feed or soothe my screaming son, she’d helpfully observe, “Poor wee man, he’s in so much pain, isn’t he?” YES HE BLOODY WELL IS BUT PLEASE STOP REMINDING ME THAT I CAN’T TAKE HIS PAIN AWAY!!!! I love Tall’s mum, I do, but her unnecessary stressing is so frustrating.

~ 3.30pm seems to have been christened “Projectile Vomit O’clock”. Our washing machine is taking a beating.

~ Pickle seems to have taken a dislike to a specific pair of my jeans and a particular hoody, as he has peed or spewed on them every time, without fail.


4 thoughts on “Random Thoughts of a Mother of Two

  1. I know it’s not nice to laugh at other’s misfortunes, but that last thought…
    I can just see your Pickle crossing his eyes when he sees you getting dressed and musing which attack version he is going to employ this time. 😉

  2. Ekk, please forgive me, but:


    btw, I hated spew o’clock. Its amazing that there is SO.MUCH.MILK!!

    You might be having apricot and cinnamon lasanga for the next little while 😉

  3. I had no idea you had a reflux-baby also… hard work!

    Hope Pickle doesn’t end up struggling… I remember counting down the weeks, and once Ash was over 8 weeks I finally breathed again! No reflux here this time, yay!

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