Journey to 35: The End of the Last Month

This month, I set out to achieve some random goals, ones I’ve sneakily been working since I found out I was pregnant. I knew that regardless of when Pickle arrived, I would probably not have the same energy to devote to this, so figured you’d cut me a bit of slack 🙂

Goal One was to spend time exploring our city and country, to play at being tourist and see things through Tiny’s eyes.

~ I’ve made a concerted effort to find new playgrounds (with a bit of help from my friend’s website, New Zealand Playgrounds) for us to explore, and it’s been so much fun. There’s one with a cool fort just a 10-minute walk away, and I never even knew! We’ve been for loads of walks, and have enjoyed exploring the Botanic Garden – places we’ve been to before, but have always rushed through.

~ Over the summer, we went on a two-week road trip: Dunedin – Wanaka – Hokitika – Nelson – Blenheim – Hanmer Springs – Akaroa – Dunedin. It was awesome, and Tiny was such an easy traveller (he had a meltdown on the last day, on the drive from Akaroa home, but by then, we were all over it!). We had so much fun doing touristy things like visiting ShantyTown, and going on a harbour cruise to see dolphins, and it really made us appreciate even more this beautiful country we live in.

Goal Two was to stop saving things for “good”, to wear nice clothes, use the good cutlery, drink the nice wine and enjoy what we have.

~ When we’ve had people over for dinner – even if it’s just my parents – we’ve been using the nice cutlery set we were given as a wedding present. It’s so lovely and weighty, and I love the feel of it; it’s amazing how it made our simple home-cooked dinners seem all the more special.

~ Tall’s mum has been staying with us for a few days and we decided to open one of our “good” bottles of wine: a Chard Farm Finla Mor Pinot Noir. We bought it from the winery in 2010 and I’m not sure what we were saving it for, but knowing how much Nana enjoys it, we decided it was the right time to drink it.

~ Breastfeeding and wearing “good” clothes doesn’t really work, but I’ve recently purchased two lovely breastfeeding tops, and instead of saving them for days I’m heading out, I’ve been wearing them whenever I like. I might be wearing slippers and jeans that have been peed on by someone with very good aim, but they’ve made me feel pretty, and that’s been cool.

Goal Three was to keep our home clutter free, and to think about what we bring into it.

~ Our dining table was once a dumping ground for everything you could possibly imagine. Before Pickle arrived, I filed away all the papers we needed to keep, and found homes for all the random items that had been breeding there. Since then, I’ve been keeping the surfaces as clear as possible, and filing as things arrive. I need order and neatness in my life, and while I’m happy with toys spread all over the lounge while Tiny’s awake, they are all tucked away where they belong at the end of the night, before I can relax.

~ I’ve started an Op Shop box of clothes, books and toys that are in excellent condition that we don’t wear anymore, and this has made much more space in drawers and on shelves, plus it makes me feel good, knowing that someone else can use our unwanted items.

Goal Four was to stick to a budget.

~ We’ve never been very good at keeping track of our spending, but with the constant rising prices for groceries and petrol, I’ve started to think seriously about it. I’ve noticed that our weekly groceries are about $30 more than six months ago, and therefore have been trying to buy more wisely. I’ve been thinking about what’s in season, what we have in the freezer and pantry, and how far we can make things stretch. It’s been a fun little challenge (anything to do with food, I love), and I think I’ve done pretty well with sticking to our limit.

~ Being at home with a newborn and a toddler has curtailed my spending somewhat too! It isn’t so easy to pop into a store with two children, and this has helped with all the unnecessary spending I had fallen into.

So, there it is. The end of the last month. I think I’ve done okay; I’m happy with how this month has gone, and I’m happy with those goals I achieved through a little bit of forward planning.

Now I’m off to think about my year as a whole, and I’ll be back – there’s a lot of concluding to be done!


3 thoughts on “Journey to 35: The End of the Last Month

  1. Slack given! Although you have done incredibly well!!!

    The op shop box is a great idea, I have little piles of things to donate everywhere, and I’m ashamed to say, they never make it to the op shop and i get frustrated and just dump them in my rubbish bin / landfill.


    Officially stealing your idea and finding a box!


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