Things I’m Loving

Loving my new “nappy” bag.

It’s not really a nappy bag, but I quickly realised my proper one was too small for all the bits and pieces I have to tote around with two kiddies, and decided to be on the look out for something else. I couldn’t justify spending $150+ on another decent-sized nappy bag that I won’t use for long, so when I found this one in Strandbags, on sale, I knew it was the one – it has a central zippered pocket for all my stuff, and two big pockets at the front and back for nappies, food etc etc – it’s a tardis!! I love its tangeriney goodness.

Loving that Tiny refuses to eat jelly, but will eat paté straight from the pottle, sans cracker.

I love paté, but there’s just something about jelly for breakfast…

Loving Jellibumps’ breastfeeding tops. My friend Jules set up this business as she refused to pay over $80 for maternity and nursing clothing. I own two of the short-sleeved breastfeeding tops, and they are flattering, comfortable and discreet.

Loving that Tall’s mum is coming for a visit this weekend. She’s missed out on seeing both her grandsons when they are really little, due to booking flights and then them deciding to arrive early, so is very excited about coming down to see her boys (including the big one). We’re just sad that Tall’s dad can’t come too, but someone has to stay at The Farm.

Loving the sight of our tiny littlest one asleep in our king-size bed, arms flailing and all.

(Don’t panic – the pillow isn’t on his head!)

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3 thoughts on “Things I’m Loving

  1. Eee…how cute is that tiny little hand…I had to stare quite hard at first to even spot him! Just think one day he will take up the length of that bed….hard to believe! Loving your new styley nappy bag too 🙂

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