Random Thoughts of a Mother-of-Two

~ All the way through my pregnancy, all I wanted (and could keep down) for breakfast was Marmite on white toast with a cup of Earl Grey tea. The first meal I ate after Pickle was born was apricot jam on toast with a cup of Milo, and now, that’s all I want for breakfast.

~ I can not seem to bake a decent brownie. Regardless of the recipe, they always come out not just gooey, but completely undercooked.

Cooled and cut…still undercooked…back in the oven…spready goodness. Still tastes divine though!

~ It’s a bigger adjustment going from zero children to one, than from one child to two. I thought having two kids would be insane, but so far, we’re trucking along nicely. Of course, Wednesday nights are a different story, as Tall leaves for squash almost as soon as he gets in from work, leaving me with one hungry toddler, and one hungry baby.

~ We’re closer to Spring than to Autumn now, and I just can’t seem to get my head around the speed with which this year is going. I will, however, be glad to see the back of Winter.

~ Young people are much better at guessing a scrunchy-faced baby’s gender than old people.

~ I’d forgotten (a) how to dress for breastfeeding (and it’s only been 10 months since I stopped feeding Tiny), and (b) how hungry it makes me! I am constantly checking the fridge and pantry for something to snack on…not good when all I seem to want is chocolate, sweets or crackers and paté.

~ Tiny’s favourite TV shows at the moment are two which I think are quite sweet and have an educational element to them: Raa Raa the Noisy Lion, and Louis. Pity Sky decided to remove Raa Raa from their programming for the month.

~ Homebrand nappies are really, really good. We usually only put one on Tiny at night, but he’s had a bit of an upset stomach recently so we’ve been using them during the day as well. Good fit, good “containment” factor, cute design, and cheap-cheap-cheap.


4 thoughts on “Random Thoughts of a Mother-of-Two

  1. my clue for not quite set brownie is to finish it in the microwave – maintains it’s moistness and doesn’t burn. I always have great success with sophie Grey’s brownie from her 2nd recipe book

  2. It seems I can’t do brownie either 😦 boo!

    I’ve heard similar reports on gaining a second child, and then heard its completely different for your third because you only have two sets of hands between you, but three children to carry / hold / feed etc. Glad you are coping so well!!

    We are homebrand nappiers too (do half reusable and disposable )


  3. I am the same about two… thought it would be REALLY hard, but have found it much easier than I ever expected! There are days – for sure, but there were plenty of ‘days’ with only one as well!

    Yay that things are going good…

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