The Chair: 1 Month Old

I’m being a bit of a copycat here…a friend of mine took photos like this with her daughter (who is three weeks older than Tiny), then I was reminded of the idea by Dee (where she posts a monthly photo of her delicious Sawyer in his seat), and have since seen it floating around all over the place; I love the idea of tracking Pickle’s growth in such a fun and easy way, and it will force me to take photos of our littlest without including our biggest.

(I’m sure most parents of more than one child will agree that the number of photos taken decreases each time?? My parents freely admit that there aren’t as many photos of me as there are of my brother and sister…the luxury of leaving a camera lying around so you can snap away at your whim just isn’t there!)

So, without further ado, I give you Pickle, at one month old (already!!):

One Month


At one month, Pickle:

~ is very windy, but when he burps and farts…he makes men everywhere proud!

~ has started to make good eye contact and tracks faces; he also tracks the sound of Tiny’s voice more than anyone else’s.

~ has outgrown all his size 0000 and NB clothes, but is still a bit little for his size 000s. The other night I woke to find him with one arm out of not only his swaddle, but also out of his pj sleeve!

~ is a squeaker, even when he’s asleep.

~ doesn’t like sleeping in the mornings (except in the car or stroller), and still thinks sleeping on me is the best thing ever (and I don’t think it’s too bad, either!).

~ has a voracious appetite and is gaining weight with great gusto – I’m hoping he’ll end up like a little Buddha, just like his big brother.


6 thoughts on “The Chair: 1 Month Old

  1. He is SO YUMMY!

    Yep – our wee man can do man-sized sounds from all angles!

    I disagree, I fear I have MANY more photos of number two than number one! I thought I’d taken heaps of Lydia, but it turns out (whenever I do comparisons) that I don’t have half as many as I had imagined! I think it’s just because I am handling the camera better, and thus getting better photos! BUT getting photos of the wee boy by himself generally has to happen when the toddler is asleep or I get ‘Toe-Toe Mummy’ and she slips in beside him and insists I take another two or more photos!

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