Things I’m Loving

We’ve been experiencing something of a heatwave this week, with temperatures in the mid-teens. Every day, I’ve headed outside prepared to brace myself against the chill, and every day, I’ve been surprised by the mild air.

Everyone’s convinced it means something horrid is a-comin’ (did someone say “snow”??), but for now, we’re saying “Pah!” to all those Scrooges, and we’re enjoying it!

We’ve been to the playground with Grandma and Grandad, played outside with our friends, and raced around the backyard.

We’ve ventured out walking, with various combinations involving the stroller, the capsule and the Ergo – and lots of snuggly knitted layers.

We’ve put the washing out on the porch to dry (I’m yet to get it on the line; toddler + newborn + chasing washing = not likely!), opened doors and windows, and turned the heatpump off.

We’ve seen the first signs of eager spring flowers in the garden: a yellow fresia, a white spring snowflake, and something purple.

It’s been a good week, just what we needed to clear away some sleepless fog, toddler tantrums and a little bit of shouty-ness.

Why not join in over at Meghan’s and celebrate the little things making you happy right now?



5 thoughts on “Things I’m Loving

  1. It’s been SO mild up here too this week, me and the boys jumped on the trampoline for the first time in months the other day. I’ve so enjoyed not having to rug up to the nines for a change. Miriam said you’d paid Bloom forward, that’s so lovely!

  2. Oh hasn’t it been good to open the doors and windows and air the place out!! Gorgeous picture of the snowdrop – they are one of my very favourites, so delicate and fresh looking somehow! We have a few bulbs pushing their way through the soil – can it be the harbinger of spring already?

  3. I hope you doing well with that gorgeous wee babe! The rain has now come to us up in Auckland, but the last week of the school hold was particularly divine.

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