The Sisterhood: Love Bomb Part Two

Ten deserving women.

413* likers on Facebook.

Endless possibilities.

The Sisterhood are at it again!

When the next parcels are delivered to our latest Bombees, the ladies’ reactions might go something like this….

She’ll see the return address and once more check the recipient details, positive that there must have been some kind of mistake.

She’ll open the package with trepidation; she’ll feel slightly confused and more than a little excited.

She’ll see all the goodies inside – chocolates and pretty things and delicious smelly things – and her frown of disbelief will turn into a smile of complete and utter joy.

She’ll find the little envelope with HER name on it, and will open it with an overwhelming sense of “Oh my goodness!!”

She’ll read The Sisterhood poem and her heart will begin to smile.

She might not share your faith or beliefs, but she’ll gratefully accept your prayers, thoughts and blessings in the spirit in which they are given.

And she’ll sit back, with tears on her cheeks, your messages clutched in one hand, and her heart in the other, and she will feel the love that can come only from her unknown Sisters.

I know.

I know, because as a Sister, I sent a little something and many thoughts, in our first ever Love Bomb.

And I know, because somehow, I was the lucky recipient of one of these packages of sunshine sent through the mail.

I am still overwhelmed and so humbled (and thrilled at the timing – the parcel arrived the day we brought Pickle home from the hospital!). Every day when I see that poem and the lovely words, I can’t help but smile and feel loved, supported and spoiled by wonderful women I have never had the privilege to meet.

If you were a fellow Sister who gave something to the Love Bomb Part One, please know that every. single. thing you sent was perfect, amazing, wonderful, fantastic, generous and greatly appreciated.

Sisters – you rock!

*and growing by the minute!

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10 thoughts on “The Sisterhood: Love Bomb Part Two

  1. How awesome for you !
    And what a wonderful, direct, way to bring some happiness into the lives of others. I’m now a liker over at FB and I’ll be seeing how I can help out too. 😀

  2. I read the article on Stuff a few weeks back but then promptly forgot about it, despite thinking it was a wonderful idea. How fantastic that you received one and thank you for prodding me into liking and hopefully contributing too.

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