Journey to 35: The Last Month

I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since I started this journey of mine! But here we are; it’s July and in just over a month, it will all be over.

With the early arrival of Pickle, I’m glad I’ve saved the “easiest” challenges until the end. And if I’m totally honest, this is one I’ve been working away at quietly for a while, because I knew my brain capacity wouldn’t allow for too much intensive thought or effort with a newborn!

This month, I’m tackling my “Other” category. These are the things that don’t fall into any of my previous groupings. The random things I’m hoping to have achieved by the end of this month are:

  1. to spend time exploring my city and country: play at being tourist and see things through Tiny’s eyes;
  2. to stop saving things for “good”: wear nice clothes, use the good cutlery, drink the nice wine…enjoy what we have;
  3. to keep our home clutter free: think about what we bring into it; and
  4. to stick to a budget.

One thought on “Journey to 35: The Last Month

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