A brief debrief on my month of being more decisive (typed with one hand, while the other supports my little burrito baby):

~ While my fuzzy brain can’t think of specific examples, I know I’ve been more decisive over the past month.

~ Each weekend, I had thought ahead about things we could do as a family, or that I could do by myself while the boys hung out together. Simple things, like a visit to the local playground or to the Farmers’ Market, but things I thought would be enjoyable for us all. And even though they are things we’ve done before, it was the act of thinking about it beforehand that made it successful for me.

~ I still discussed any big decisions with Tall, but had my own opinion ready first. And he seemed to really enjoy the “new” me.

~ Perhaps the biggest decisions I had to make were during my labour with Pickle (more on that at a later date); this time, instead of uttering a pitiful “I don’t knooooow!” when asked a few simple questions, I really felt like I was in control, that I owned the decisions I was making, and that my experience was better because of it.

This will still be an on-going thing for me, but I’m happy with the way the month has gone, and the sense of achievement I’ve felt while taking charge of my own decisions.


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