A Little Introduction…

I was going to be posting a 38-week update as my Things I’m Loving post today, but circumstances have changed which rendered that idea a bit redundant.

My bump looks a bit different, don’t you think?

Our little Pickle – 1 week old

[insert massive smiley face bursty heart here]

This little man surprised us all by arriving three weeks early, at 5.23am on Friday 22 June.

I am completely besotted with him. Totally, completely, utterly lost in love with him.

I love his little fingers and his dark, denim blue eyes. I love the smell of his super-soft skin, and the feel of his black hair under my palm. I love the little mewling sounds he makes just before he wakes up, and that he is most happy when asleep in my arms.


This week, it’s as simple as can be.

Loving my boys.

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28 thoughts on “A Little Introduction…

  1. Oh wow….welcome to the world Pickle! I thought it had gone a bit quiet over at your place and now I know why!!! Congrats on a absolutely lovely wee bundle of joy. So happy for you xx

    • Thank you xx Yes…internet time is definitely limited at the moment, but that’s not a bad thing when it means newborn snuggles 🙂

  2. WAHOO – so ecstatically excited for you… I’m sitting here reading your post in tears; I so understand that instant in-depth love! Wasn’t that long ago and my little one was still making those noises, you just reminded me how quickly he has grown, as at 11 weeks old now he is no longer a new born :-(! My sis-in-law had her little boy on the 20th, we’re going visiting again this weekend – so as I cuddle him, I will think of you and Pickle also!

    Hope everything is going well and Tiny is enjoying being a big brother…

    • Thank you xx Hope you enjoyed your newborn cuddles with your nephew 🙂 Tiny has been very sweet so far (but I’m prepared for anything!), and has started to say, “[Pickle] is sooo cute!” 🙂

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