Random Thoughts of a Pregnant Woman

* Yesterday it took me over an hour to get our log burner going, thanks to wet kindling and the stupid way the burner has been installed. After 60 long and infuriating minutes, I finally had it roaring….and we had to go out :/ The entire time I was stoking and prodding and rearranging, I had that in the back of my mind, yet I was still determined to get it going. I’m beginning to realise that Tiny’s stubborn streak may not come solely from his Daddy’s side.

* Lamb knuckles and lamb shanks appear to be essentially the same thing…so why can’t they be labelled as such??

* Being pregnant does not make me any warmer during a cold snap than normal. I think my internal thermostat must be busted.

* Cafe Rue, here in Dunedin, is awesome! $11 for a mug of hot chocolate with a mountain of mini marshmallows, a delicious vegetarian pinwheel scone, a raspberry friand (with the option of cream or yoghurt) and a surprise, free fluffy served in a little mug with a face on it. Best value morning tea ever!

* Cuddles on the couch with a previously-stroppy toddler can be quite lovely, especially when they result in a nap for one (or preferably both) of us.

* While doing the evening tidy-up of the living area one night this week, I picked up no less than six pairs of shoes. They were all mine, and they had all been left in various spots by me. We don’t have any stairs in our house, and our bedroom is the same distance from the front door as the dining room. Laaaaaaazy.

* Raw carrots. Anytime, anywhere.


2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts of a Pregnant Woman

  1. Stroppy toddlers – boy, do we know all about that at the moment… hope your boy gives you a more pleasant day tomorrow!

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