Lady and the Bump: 35w 3d

I am choosing to believe that we have at least five weeks until we are a family of four, but other people seem intent on Freaking Me the Heck Out by saying things like, “But if he’s anything like his big brother, you might only have three weeks…”

Yes, we might. But please, for the sake of limiting the number of grey strands in my hair to four, please stop saying that!!

Not helped by the fact that at today’s midwife appointment, she informed me that Pickle is currently 3/5 engaged. Yep, I’ve been feeling that for the last little while, and have been enjoying comments such as, “You’ve started to waddle!” and “I think your baby has dropped. Has he dropped? Shirl*, don’t you reckon he’s dropped?”

I’m well aware that at this stage, he could still pop up and down a bit, but Tiny was 4/5 engaged for a month before he was born and did not budge during that time. I put that down to his extra-big head getting stuck down there….which doesn’t put me at ease right now, for obvious reasons.

Taken at 34w….not sure I like how this dress looks from side-on!

Otherwise….all is just the same. Achy back, loads of Braxton Hicks, sporadic heartburn, and much foot-jabbing in the ribs. I’m hoping my 36-week blood tests will show that the ferritin tablets have raised my iron levels beyond almost-zilch, but it’s hard to tell when tiredness just comes with being a lumbering elephant.

Tiredness that is not being eased by a poorly boy (again! Winter lurgies – be gone!!) who is waking numerous times in the night and will only re-settle if I clamber oh-so-gracefully into his little single bed beside him, so he can proceed to sneeze and cough all over me, and wipe his snotty little face in my hair in an attempt to get closer for cuddles.

Needless to say, it has been a looooong, grouchy week, stuck indoors, and while I’ve relished the chance to do a few things at home, I’ve missed society somewhat!

Earlier in the week, Tiny and I sat by the fire and assembled the bassinet; partly to be prepared, but also to get Tiny used to it being around. He helped me build it, all the while saying, “I love baby brother.” My heart was melting, until I realised he was meaning that he liked the bassinet.

Teeny tinies…one-two-three: “Awwwwwww!”

We’ve had some chats about what’s going to happen soon, and he seems excited about the idea of his baby brother coming to live with us…but let’s see if theory and reality can be reconciled in his little two-year-old brain. I’ve warned him that the baby will cry and will need lots of cuddles from mummy and daddy, but that he’ll still need lots of cuddles too, and we’ll do our best to administer them when required.

I don’t think we need any new clothes for this bebe…

All the teeny tiny baby clothes have been freshly laundered and sorted, we’re stocked up with teeny tiny nappies, and I bought a slow cooker on the weekend – the idea of preparing a meal first thing and then forgetting about it is rather appealing, especially when I recall those early months with the infamous “witching hour”.


* I don’t actually know anyone by the name of Shirl…it just sounds good, ‘kay?


10 thoughts on “Lady and the Bump: 35w 3d

  1. Shirl sounds like a great nagging Aunt name!

    I can’t believe you only have *5* weeks to go!! Is there anything you would like sent from CHCH?! I would LOVE to send something, by the looks of it you already have a bajillion clothes! any thing you or the bebe would love?!??


    • I know….almost makes me wish I had a nagging Aunt Shirl!
      You are so sweet to think of sending something, but it isn’t necessary – thoughts for a good birth and a brilliant feeder and sleeper would be awesome though!

  2. Looks like you are very well organised for the arrival. It is such a big thing jumping into number two and thinking about how your precious no.1 will cope. He will cope and so will all of you. I found no.2 an easier thing myself xxx EXCITING!!!

    • I feel organised, but not ready, if you know what I mean?
      I’m hoping that if I expect it to be really tough with two, I can only be pleasantly surprised with whatever happens. A number of people have said that the first month is challenging, but once #1 realises that #2 is here to stay, it gets so much easier.

  3. I always predict that everyone will be overdue as both of mine kept us waiting- I can predict that for you too if it helps!?! Very excited for you anyway, no matter how long it takes!
    Tiny will be a great big brother and there is truly nothing more special than watching a bond develop between your children. When I collected my daughter from preschool the other day, the teacher showed me a series of posed photos that she took of my girl. In the first couple of photos she looks shy and awkward, but suddenly she blooms and out comes an amazing smile. The teacher told me that the smile came when asked about Rascal’s little brother! Cute or what?!?

    • Oh, that almost made me cry!! Bless your little Rascal, that is gorgeous. I’m pretty sure Tiny will be a great big brother too, as he’s great with other people’s babies (he likes to talk to them, which is very sweet, and they respond really well to him).
      I’d like you to predict this baby will come right on time, please πŸ™‚ It’s strange – I don’t want him to be early, just because I don’t feel quite ready, but I don’t want to be waiting-waiting-waiting either!! Gosh, wouldn’t it be so much easier if we could push a button and they just arrived (painlessly) when we were all ready??!

  4. Ohhhhh – I am SO excited for you!!!!!

    Number 2 has been fabulously EASY, and you know how worried I was! He was 8 weeks yesterday, and is the most placid gorgeous wee boy ever! Lydia ADORES him, and we need to watch she doesn’t smother him, rather than hurt him… I can already leave them alone for a few minutes without worrying (not long mind you, due to the smothering issues *grin*)! You and Tiny will be just fine, just wait and see :-)!

    I can’t believe how excited I am for you!

    PS – My only recommendation (as you won’t be getting much sleep) is trying to convince Tall to help out at night… I get up and do the feeding of course, but if he hasn’t burped and resettled within the hour or thereabouts, Luke gets up and takes over so I can get some more sleep! Tough on the guys, but just as tough on us with toddlers as well… not sure how many guys will be willing to do this, but Luke is GREAT (and much better at settling him at night than I am anyway)!

    • πŸ™‚
      I’m so so glad to hear things are going so well for you; sounds like Lydia is the perfect big sister!!
      Thanks for the tip re: nights. I’m lucky that Tall is very supportive too (and can function on much less sleep than me!), and will do what he can to make things easier for us all. I like your idea of having a time-limit on the re-settling.

  5. You still look amazing to me. I am sending you many positive thoughts and prayers that the next few weeks are ones you can really treasure as a family of 3 and that bubs arrives just at the time you feel is right, not too early, not too late. I reckon Tiny is going to be an AWESOME big brother, sure it’s an adjustment but I think he’ll rock it πŸ™‚ Meg

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