What I’m Reading: the “What’s in a Name?” edition – Part Two

So I finished ‘Titus Groan’.

[Insert crickets chirping and tumbleweeds tumbling here]

I’m still digesting it, and am honestly not sure what to say about it right now, other than it’s been a little bit mad, a little bit fantastical, and a little bit compelling, all at the same time. I’ll sit on this one for a while before giving my thoughts, I think!

The trilogy: one down, two to go

I was in two minds whether to carry on and keep reading the other two in this trilogy (I have them in one massive volume), or pause and read something else for a while. I was worried that if I stopped, Pickle would arrive and it would be quite some time before I had the mental capacity to read anything other than light-and-fluffy chick-lit. However, I’ve decided to keep going, and have thus started ‘Gormenghast’.

Right from the start, it feels like it’s been written by another person. The tone is so different to ‘Titus Groan’, and I’m already feeling a bit wary of it. I shall persevere, though, and will hopefully knock off a fair chunk before baby arrives.

Tiny getting into the name-choosing action

Speaking of Pickle – last night, Tall finally had a flick through our baby names book. He threw out a couple of options that I don’t like, and one that I feel a bit so-so about. In my mind, there are two very clear winners, and I’ll be surprised if he comes up with anything that comes remotely close to these. He’s said that he thinks of names that are cool, but then forgets them, which (a) isn’t very helpful, and (b) means they can’t be that cool.

Surprisingly, my former favourite-best-name-ever name has been pipped from top spot! I know!! I’ve been playing around with another name, seeing how it fits, and I love it more than I thought possible. When I realised it had overtaken my previous top name, I was shocked.

And the best news? Tall likes it! He likes it a lot!


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4 thoughts on “What I’m Reading: the “What’s in a Name?” edition – Part Two

    • If we were having a girl, it would have been an easier decision….we struggled with boys’ names first time around, and it wasn’t any easier this time! But we’re getting there, and with a couple of options, we’ll decide when he arrives 🙂

  1. Ahhh – names, we love finding names (although Lydia was STRESSFUL), Ash was easy as ;-)! Got another girl and boy name – so we’re covered for number three without filing for divorce! It’s good when we’re (kinda) on the same page with names!

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