Love Bomb

The generous and huge-hearted Sophie over at Sophie Slim is preparing to release a Love Bomb!

“What on earth is a Love Bomb??”, I hear you cry.

Don’t be alarmed – this is a very, very, VERY good thing!

A Love Bomb is a wicked-cool way to (in Sophie’s own words):

“thank [some specially nominated ladies] for the amazing work they do, whatever that may be. We want to send these ladies a gift in the mail. Big or little, to say “Thank you. You are doing so well.” in the hopes that it would cause them to stop for a moment while a smile appears on their face. That’s all we want to do really. Just bring about a few smiles.”

Sounds like a pretty awesome thing to be a part of, huh?

Want to get involved and share the love? Then email:, and she’ll give you all the deets on how you can make a difference to someone deserving of a little lovin’.

While you’re at it, why not join The Sisterhood too? You don’t need to be rolling in cash or an excess of “stuff”…you just need a positive attitude and a desire to make a difference (big or small) in someone’s life, when you feel inspired by their story.

Because that’s what humanity is about, right? 🙂


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