Things I’m Loving

Loving the smell of home-made bread baking. Loving that my first attempt was a pretty good one, and that after refusing to eat his dinner, Tiny scoffed a fresh-out-of-the-oven roll.

Loving that forgetting a vital meal ingredient stirred up a very strong memory of making Stone Soup when I was five and had just started school. Loving that I could raid my dad’s garden for fresh carrots and celery, and that I could raid my own garden for baby leeks and baby spring onions (I say “baby” simply because they are taking FOREVER to grow, and I got impatient…plus I didn’t have any onions, and needed something oniony for my creation).

Loving crisp, sunny days and being able to dry washing outside instead of on racks in the hallway. Loving an 18degC day in winter!

Loving that my big belly + little feet means I can get away with wearing patterned socks and ballet flats, because (a) I can’t see my feet, and (b) people seem sympathetic to the shoe-putting-on plight of the pregnant woman.

Loving that this afternoon, we’re heading away for our last family-of-three holiday; we’re heading down to stay in the Catlins, with tickets to the Bluff Oyster and Food Festival tomorrow. I don’t like oysters, but it should still be a great day with lots of delicious things to try!

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3 thoughts on “Things I’m Loving

  1. Mmmmm that bread looks delicious…I’m making our focaccia bread for lunch tomorrow can’t wait! And what cute little tootsies you have…hope you enjoy your last break away as a family of three πŸ™‚

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