Lady and the Bump: 33w

Holy moly….there are now just seven weeks left until my due date. SEVEN WEEKS, people!! That’s less than two months. GULP.

Even though I’ve been whingeing and complaining about how uncomfortable I am, I think I’d still like a little bit more time to prepare myself for sleepless nights, leaky boobs, endless laundry and splitting my time between two little people!

Pickle has, like his big brother, been head down for a while now. It appears my babies like to hang out upside down and practise their headstands for as long as possible before they arrive, and now I’m just awaiting the onset of The Waddle.

33 weeks of baby and me

My midwife and I have had a couple of chats about labour, and I’ve expressed my desire to have a water birth (at the hospital) if possible. Last time, everything happened so quickly and I panicked in the pool when I realised I needed to push, and I just wanted OUT of that water. This time, the idea of giving birth in the water is immensely appealing.

Tiny and I signed up for this term’s swimming lessons, and despite it becoming increasing difficult to haul myself out of the pool, I have been relishing the feeling of weightlessness when in the water. I think this has probably helped with my desire to at least labour in the water, even if I decide last minute that I want out.

I’m considering packing my hospital bag soon. I lay awake last night thinking about what I took last time that I didn’t need (virtually everything), and the things I wish I had packed. I guess it will all depend on how this birth goes, and how long we stay in the ward. With Tiny, I was home within 20 hours of getting to the hospital (it felt so wrong being there without Tall, and I just wanted to get home); this time, the idea of having a couple of nights bonding alone with our new babe is very appealing. That might change though – I know I’ll miss my bigger boys!

Pregnant with Tiny at 33w 5d; Pickle at 33w


8 thoughts on “Lady and the Bump: 33w

    • I know!! I’m not sure if I’m more excited to meet this little fella, or terrified of “how” it happens 😉

  1. I agree, you look fantastic! I totally hear you on the waddling thing. hah, still waiting on that here too. Thanks for your lovely comments! :o)

    • Thank you! I think the “radiance” was more likely exertion from trying to lace my shoes, but I’ll take it 😉

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