Things I’m Loving

LOVING that the wonderful Meghan has taken over my favourite linky (although sad that Kristy has decided she’s done her dash with it) – Fridays just wouldn’t have been the same without a weekly dose of lovin’! Thanks Meg – you rock!

Loving homemade sweet & sour wontons (no “after” photo – I wasn’t quick enough!).

Loving that Tiny has been playing with my little camera, and discovering what he has been “documenting”. I shall call this: An Insight Into Two:

Loving porridge with lashings of brown sugar on cold wintery mornings.

Loving the arrival of new books from The Book Depository.

Loving little boys who pretend to be drinking mate even though the method by which they obtained the gourd and straw isn’t condoned!

Loving taking Tiny to visit friends who’ve just had Baby #4, and watching him and her second-youngest play so nicely together. Little Miss Z is about eight months older than Tiny, and tends towards more gentle play than her big brother and sister, which suits my sensitive boy perfectly. They were playing a game of chase yesterday and the roving giggles were so gorgeous.

Lastly, loving the arrival of a very special gift, all the way from England:

(Can salvation come in a jar?)

Yes, that is a jar of Sanitarium Marmite, sent to me by a wonderful friend who knew I was devastated to be all out of the black gold. Choirs of angels sang and an ethereal glow emanated from the little package as I opened it, I swear. It does seem a bit surreal that salvation arrived in the form of a New Zealand product, sent from England…

Loving that even though I felt fiercely protective of my bounty, I still found it within myself to share half the jar with another friend who was also suffering withdrawal symptoms. Her excitement made it worth the sacrifice.

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9 thoughts on “Things I’m Loving

  1. Loving your loves! I so enjoy seeing what kids have taken photos of…so darn cute what they see through their eyes 🙂 Also loving your Marmite especially the way you described opening it. And so very ironic to have been saved by someone halfway around the world…you are very kind to share it too!

  2. P.s I loved reading your posts, in fact I mostly love all gratitude posts. Especially the marmite bit – you really love it that much, huh?

    P.p.s – The photo is bothering me too. Like. Really bad.

  3. Wontons, yum, I can relate to the surprise photos (good idea making a collage with them), porridge, yum again, haven’t tried Marmite, but I’d be lost without my Vegemite, that’s for sure!

  4. What a great stash of reading you have yourself there…..and good for you being so generous with your pressie…is it the equivalent to Vegemite?

  5. Oh that is a lovely pile of books. We just finished the last of the marmite this morning. I’m so thankful my wee girl has decided she does like Honey, homemade jam and Nutella which should fill the void until new supplies get in – not long now, or so I tell myself – ha!

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