Random Thoughts of a Pregnant Woman

~ Okay, who was the smarty-pants who moved the floor to all the way down THERE??? Just so you know, there may be small colonies of crumbs living all over our carpet, but as I can’t bend down to see them, I don’t care.*

~ Why are packets of frozen wonton pastry so large? Do other people actually defrost and use all 50+ wrappers?? Luckily the pack I bought from our local Asian grocery store was easily split yesterday, but surely there’s a market for smaller packs in the first place?

~ There is no more room in our freezer, as I’ve been squirreling away a few bits and pieces in preparation for Pickle’s arrival. There seem to be a lot of containers of baked treats, and not so many meals in there though…

~ There is no more room in ME, yet this baby keeps on a-growing and a-kicking. Actually, I know there is more room for expansion, but honestly, I feel as though everything has stretched to capacity already.

~ Tiny has started to climb on EVERYTHING. Earlier this week, he was playing happily in his room, when I suddenly heard him cry and call out, “Mummy! I’m stuck in my bedroom!” I raced in, to find him standing atop the large storage cubes we use for books and toys, unable to find his way back down. And this morning, he was sitting on the dining table playing with assorted bits and pieces that he really shouldn’t have been….fun times.

~ Tall’s mum and dad came to stay on Saturday night, so we went out for brunch on Sunday, which happened to be Mother’s Day. As we were leaving Café Rue, we mothers were given little bags of chocolate. Awesome, Café Rue. Awesome.

~ When you’re not supposed to sleep on your back or right side, why do these become the most comfortable positions ever??

~ The G.C: 30 minutes of my life that I will never get back.**

* Just kidding. I can still vacuum. Just.

** Some of Tall’s workmates were talking about it at lunchtime and he wanted to see what the fuss was all about. Nothing. It is a badly-acted show about nothing. Although we did learn some fancy new terminology and found it highly amusing.


3 thoughts on “Random Thoughts of a Pregnant Woman

  1. Haha – we watched The GC last night (or was it the night before – I can’t remember) for the first ever time also. NEVER going to waste my time on it again… waste of tax-payer money, seriously!?! Do they really have enough of an audience to justify it?!?

    I could go on and on!

  2. I’ve heard enough about the GC to know that I never even want to watch it!

    Eeee – We went out to lunch and I got a red rose from the restaurant! Well done to these fine establishments!

    Your climbing story had my lol’ing and sharing it with hubby. As he doesn’t know you, he didn’t seem to find it very hilarious. Oh, blogger husbands, I do feel for them sometimes.

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