Things I’m Loving

A tiring, shouty, tantrum-filled week with a poorly boy has still offered up a whole load of things to love, like…..

~ attempting to make shortcrust pastry for the first time EVER and realising (a) how easy, and (b) how cheap, it is – I’ll never be buying it again!

~ a daddy who takes the time to diffuse a tantrum-situation, right before he has to leave for work, by creating a little dinosaur hair-do:

~ a little boy who is feeling poorly and succumbs to a snooze on the couch (after already taking a nap in the car and on mummy’s tummy!):

~ the arrival of my first order of gorgeous cards and wrapping paper from Phoenix Trading:

~ a lovingly embroidered bib from Grandma for Pickle (especially knowing she is desperate to make things for him, but knows we have everything already):

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5 thoughts on “Things I’m Loving

  1. Awwww – poor wee man :-(. I hate it when they’re sick… Button has had a fever for three days this week also, but thankfully wasn’t as bad as your little one sounds like. Hope he is feeling better now (that sleeping picture just melts the heart)!

  2. The poor wee thing! Hope he perks up soon, if he’s anything like my wee man, you’ll be enjoying the extra snuggles while he slows down enough to give them. Love the dinosaur hairstyle- looks remarkably similar to the “ponytails” that my wee girl insists on giving her brother in the bath. Hmmm… I might have to suggest a new name for them!

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