Tales of Travel: New Zealand – Home to get Married!

After our five-day pre-wedding-moon in New York, we were excited to be flying home to New Zealand; it had been almost two years since we left, and we were both ready to see our friends and family.

First stop was Auckland, to attend the wedding of Tall’s best man. We had a fun time in our country’s biggest city, and the wedding was great; it certainly put us both in a wedding state of mind! We giggled at how small and quiet Auckland seemed after London and New York (and countless other cities in between); I told Tall that I felt like I wanted to pat the city on its head and tell it there was plenty of time for it to grow up and become a Big City.

After a few days in Auckland, Tall headed to The Farm, and I headed home to Dunedin to begin the massive task of finalising things for our wedding in less than two weeks.

Needless to say, my time in Dunedin before the wedding wasn’t exactly a holiday! I spent most of my time visiting with the service providers I’d contacted via email when in the UK, confirming and re-confirming flowers, hair, make-up, photography, menus, equipment hire etc etc. I also spent a lot of time trying on various parts of my wedding dress as my mother stumbled through creating it without a pattern.

Tall arrived one week prior to the wedding, and in true Tall-syle, strolled in to a suit place and got the boys’ outfits sorted in one day. He came with me to choose his buttonholes and finalise our sit-down menu, and even spent a couple of hours tying ribbons around napkins.

Our ceremony venue – Chingford Stables (photo courtesy of Sinead Jenkins)

Our wedding was awesome, and everything we hoped it would be. Sure, there were a couple of minor hiccups, but no one knew (or cared), and we had an absolute blast with family and friends. Apparently it drizzled during our outdoor ceremony, but I didn’t even notice, and apparently we had far more than our “allowed” bottles of wine on the reception tables, but no one batted an eyelid.

(photo courtesy of Sinead Jenkins)

A few days later, we flew back up to The Farm, with my parents, as Tall’s mum had organised a “second wedding” barbecue for the family and friends who hadn’t been able to make it down south (or hadn’t been included in the guest list!). We enjoyed another party with more family and friends (most of whom I didn’t know!), and it was wonderful to feel like our wedding went on for a whole week. It was also nice to relax, finally, and just enjoy being home (albeit briefly), and enjoy being married.

Our “second wedding”

And then, our brief visit back home was over, and we once more packed our belongings into a couple of backpacks and headed off on honeymoon.


7 thoughts on “Tales of Travel: New Zealand – Home to get Married!

    • Oh no, this wasn’t the end of our travels! We spent another 9mths away before coming back for good…stay tuned!

    • Haha, me too! Funnily enough, Tall’s mum and crazy aunt pounced on me at the wedding reception and tried to convince me to wear my dress to the bbq at The Farm….hmm, tomato sauce and ivory dupion silk?? I think not!

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