Things I’m Loving

* Tiny’s singing…and while he’s got a long way to go before he’ll be joining any choirs, his enthusiasm is boundless. My favourite from his repertoire is:

“Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna chew? Whatcha gonna chew when they come for you?” – nope, we haven’t been watching ‘Cops’…it’s an ad on the telly for Extra chewing gum!

but he also does a pretty good rendition of Mrs Bunny and nails his A-B-Cs. And last night, we made Daddy’s day by singing, “I love my daddy ’cause he’s so cool” (to the tune of ‘Mrs Bunny’).

* beautiful, tiny aubergines:

Cute and tasty

* this awesome and super-easy and quick zucchini and chorizo soup – two bowls each for my veggie-avoiding son and meat-lovin’ husband! NOT, however, loving that of the seven courgettes I bought from our local Pak’n Save on Wednesday, two were completely rotten on the inside, and another one was only half okay. Grrrr, Pak’n Save, grrrr!

Deliciousness in a bowl

* an impromptu lunch date with my son, during which he was mostly very well-behaved and only dipped his fingers in the tomato sauce once.

* coming to terms with the fact that getting Tiny to go to sleep at a reasonable hour at nighttime means no more daytime nap. We all struggled on the first day (Tiny threw a massive tantrum that lasted for 15 minutes, and I cried into the spaghetti-and-meatballs I was making for dinner), but I’ve accepted that my two hours of daytime peace and quiet had to be sacrificed for a nicer evening for us all, and Tiny doesn’t seem too grouchy in the afternoons.

Snuggle time

* Anzac biscuits, and an eager helper who had a ball stirring the mixture and licking the golden syrup spoon.

Oats, butter and golden syrup…ooh yeah

* my little crop of tomatoes – April was a good ripening month!

My bumper crop

* little boys who draw circles and are still dominantly south-pawed:

“Mum! I’m drawing circles! Round and round and round!”

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2 thoughts on “Things I’m Loving

  1. Cute! Remember there is nothing wrong with compulsory resting though. My nearly 6 still has one in the weekend – in the room, listening to CDs until 2pm (or you could use a timer) for your own sanity and to give Tiny some down time to recollect himself….. that’s my 2 cents anyway!

  2. Oh – I’m with Miriam here… right up until we were at school, Mum made us go to our rooms for an hour after lunch (which sometimes got extended apparently *grin*)! She didn’t care what we did (as in, rest, play, read – whatever), but we weren’t to come out for anything except the toilet until the timer went off. I will be incorporating this when that sad day comes also… I understand your tears :-)!

    Oh – but he’s so cute! LOVE that snuggle time photo!

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