3 thoughts on “Oh! The horror!

  1. Hahahahahhaha, good riddance!

    I had a momentary panic today, I thought I picked up the jar of the stuff, then realised that Phew, I hadn’t! and then laughed because those shelves were empty.

    Crisis averted!

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  3. I’ve never worried about my jar of Marmite that travels half way around the world to make it to our breakfast table, but reading of this I checked for the first time to make sure I shouldn’t worry, it lasts a very long time (only having converted one of my children to the taste), but there is some relief in knowing that its always available, if it wasn’t I fear I might start devolping a craving. Gosh, its morning here, I might have to indulge, that melting marmite just looks too divine not to.

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