Lady and the Bump: 30w 3d

* I’ve been struggling to remember to take my iodine tablets each day. Oh, alright – I’ve been struggling to take them at all. I don’t take any medication normally, so getting into the habit of taking a daily pill is tough. However, a ferritin level of a delightful five, means I have to take iron tablets and vitamin C, which means I’ve been remembering the iodine too. Hurrah!

Pills Pills Pills

* The low iron level explains my recent fatigue and irritability…the smallest things frustrate me, when I’m usually pretty placid and calm. My babies truly are parasites, stealing every ounce of goodness that goes into my system. As my midwife put it: “This baby is growing well off you!”

* I’ve been snapping at my boys for the smallest things, and have been letting myself get wound up over virtually nothing. I need to remember the fun we had and my purpose in March, and take a few deep breaths. And go to bed much earlier.

* I somehow managed to avoid doing a glucose test this pregnancy – hurrah again! I did have a random blood glucose test, and it was grossly normal, so I’m happy to have dodged that bullet, and am thankful for my midwife giving me the option.

* The heartburn seems to have eased (yey), but I’ve had a few more random spews recently.

* There are bits of me that are swollen that I’d prefer not to be…and I’m not referring to fingers or ankles, face or belly. In fact, my midwife said more women should talk about this so that others know how common it is…well…my lady-bits are swollen. There. I said it. Moving right along.

* In the past week, I’ve had strangers comment on both the neatness of my bump, and the size. Yes, it’s neat, and yes, it’s big, but it’s all bump. Why are people so surprised? We’re all different shapes and sizes anyway, so why should being pregnant suddenly make us all look the same? (Hmm, see? Irritable. Grrr.)

30w 3d

* I’m also suddenly feeling a bit more anxious about giving birth this time, probably because I know what to expect. I had nothing to compare childbirth to first time round, but I’m already feeling a bit ouchy just thinking about it. I’m also alternating between hoping for another quick labour, and hoping for a longer one for more time for my body to acclimatise. But what will be will be, and this baby will be coming out one way or another in 10 or so weeks.

Pickle at 30w3d; Tiny at 30w


3 thoughts on “Lady and the Bump: 30w 3d

  1. Ferritan – FIVE!?!?! ARE YOU EVEN ALIVE RIGHT NOW!?? My lowest was 9 – and my midwife was totally shocked and couldn’t believe it. But FIVE!? I really hope you manage to keep your legs moving and your chin up 🙂

    You look fantastic BTW. 🙂

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