Random Thoughts of a Pregnant Woman

* My clumsy-factor has increased tenfold in the past week. I’m sporting a humdinger of another burn on the inside of my wrist, and have managed to scrape the healing skin off it three times since last Wednesday. On the bright side, waterproof band-aids are fab.

* Baby loves pudding.

* I met a woman this week who hasn’t been able to wear her wedding and engagement rings since very early in her pregnancy because her fingers swelled so much. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that my wedding band and engagement ring are constantly jangling like the bells on a Christmas elf’s shoes.

* Crouching for a photo in such a way as to avoid standing in duck poo is a great way of taking a belly-hiding shot:

* Sweet, juicy pears currently rock my world in a way bananas never will.

* Tall is reading Richard Branson’s autobiography. He thought this was pretty funny: “Once again, Joan went into labour early…Both of us were taken by surprise. I was at a party…and arrived home at three in the morning, roaring drunk…” Hmm, sounds familiar!

* A very good friend is awaiting the arrival of Bebe #4. All her previous babies arrived early (38w for #1, then just over 36w for #2 and #3), but #4 has decided to buck all trends and is staying put longest of all (I think I would too, if I knew there were three busy big kids waiting for me). Shoots another friend’s midwife’s theory that “You’ll never go later than your first baby” right outta the water.

* We are going through a ridiculous amount of toilet paper right now. And when I say “we”, I mean me and my hazelnut-sized bladder. Although Tiny does always ask for “a tiny little square” when he decides to join me…

* Catching a glimpse of myself in a full-length mirror while wearing my fluffy bathrobe reminds me of this famous painting by van Eyck. And not in a good way.

* The number of people I know who are pregnant just keeps on increasing, and it’s all very exciting. The latest is my brother-in-law’s sister, expecting Bebe #1, and I am super-thrilled for them.

* I would like to spend all day in my pyjamas.

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2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts of a Pregnant Woman

  1. I’m with you on the pears v bananas!

    And the wedding ring issue (as you well know *grin*)!

    And the toilet paper issue – well, at least I was ;-)!

  2. Hehehehe, feeling for ya. And I’ll always be sharing your pyjama wish (even though I don’t have the pregnancy excuse)

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