My Sweet Boy

Every Tuesday, following one of our regular activities, Tiny and I go to one our local cafes for a hot chocolate and a baked treat. We started this little tradition last month, as part of my plan to try and create as many awesome Mummy-and-Tiny memories as possible before Pickle arrives.

Last week, we went to Flax Cafe. The person who usually takes our order is a tall, bearded man with impressive dreadlocks, a welcoming smile and a really nice manner.

When we got into the cafe, the man was nowhere to be seen. Tiny was quite perturbed, and was peering over the counter, softly calling, “Maa-aan! Maa-aan! Where are yoooou?”

When he popped out from the kitchen, with his usual cheery greeting, I ordered a hot chocolate and a slice of their decadently-addictive oaty caramel slice.

I could hear Tiny saying something very quietly beside me, and as I accepted my change (I know – I used cash! How quaint!), he suddenly piped up:

“Man, man! Could we have a scone please?”

I could have died with pride at his good manners, if it hadn’t been so funny. The man and the people behind me thought he was the funniest, sweetest thing ever – and I have to agree.


One thought on “My Sweet Boy

  1. oh that is so adorable. I always loved it when I said to my boys ‘say thank you to the lady’ and they said ‘thank you lady’ it’s such a cute way of addressing people.

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